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123 Greetings Review

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123greetings.com is a great free ecard site with no hidden costs and is quick and easy to use, with plenty of ecards to choose from.

Whilst 123greetings.com should be applauded for being free, the downside is that you'll have to endure adverts littered around the site. Generally, the site has a bit of a cluttered look as there are many features crammed on to the homepage and it's all a bit too much. Therefore, navigating your way around and making sense of the various features might take a little practice.

You'll find only ecards here. If you're looking for printed products then it's best to browse a few of the other sites in this category (e.g. Americangreetings.com or Bluemountain.com). Whilst you can print ecards, the quality will depend on your printer set-up. In any case, printing an ecard just won't look as good no matter what set set-up you have. Near the top of the homepage you'll find an extensive range of tabs linking to a fairly random set of ecard categories (including occasions, cute, inspirational). Clicking on a tab will take you to another set of tabs where you can narrow your search (e.g. by clicking on 'anniversary' you can then browse ecards 'for her', 'for him', 'for a couple' and 'milestones'). If you do have something fairly specific in mind then you can enter your key words into the basic search facility on the site. It's not really possible to put an exact figure on how many ecards you will find in any one category. For most basic categories you will find 100+ ecards; however, if you're looking for something specific (e.g. for an occasion card for a particular recipient) your choice may be quite limited. However, balanced against the fact that all cards are free, you can't really grumble too much. After all, if you wanted something more specific you would just go ahead and personalize a card on another site, wouldn't you?

If you do find a card that you like, by clicking on it you'll get an animated preview and be able to customize your card. Don't expect anything too sophisticated though. You can change the music that accompanies your card, and I would suggest that you do...to silence. The musical quality of options available is truly awful and it will take all of your-self control not to clasp your hands over your ears and jump up and down on your computer until the madness ends. It's a real failing of the site, what you'd imagine you might hear if you were sent to hell and had to spend eternity on hold as a punishment. Thankfully, you can toggle the music on/off. That said, the quality of the ecard graphics and animation isn't bad and customizing your card is quick and easy. Another plus is that you can send a card straight after it's finished or schedule delivery up to around 6 weeks in advance. You can also interact in other ways; it's possible to 'like' a card, rate it, add comments and share it with friends. 

There aren't too many other features on the site other than the 123greetings.com Connect Service. By signing up (for free) you create an account that allows you to record details of people's addresses and special occasions such as birthdays. You then receive email reminders so that you never forget them. In addition, with the address book feature it becomes even easier to send cards by clicking on the recipient rather than having to type out their details. You can also view all of the cards you've sent and received over the last month. Whilst the site is fairly easy to use, you may have the odd question or query, in which case you can refer to the detailed FAQs section on the site. Failing that, you can submit a query using the email support form on the site.

Whilst not the most polished site in this category, for the range of free ecards and ease of sending, you'll have to go a long way to beat 123greetings.com.

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