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Smile Box Review

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Smilebox.com is a great new way to enhance and organise your pictures, craft unique designs and share with friends.

Smilebox.com offers a range of ways in which to enhance and share your photos and videos. In spite of the varied and sophisticated ways in which you can customize your uploaded images, the site is refreshingly clear, with an emphasis on simplicity, which should reassure the most terrified of technophobes. Unusually for a site of this kind, it's necessary to start off by installing the Smilebox app'. This is the basic software tool for your creations, therefore, it's not possible to simply work online. The app itself takes up only a very small amount of memory (less than a jpeg image file); even so, a great many of you may feel disinclined to install commercial software no matter how small. However, over 14 million people have downloaded it, and we can only presume that they're safe. The problem is that you learn very little about the costs involved before you download, which is not exactly upfront.

Before you decide whether or not to bother downloading the free app and creating the free account, you should be aware that you will be getting a fairly diluted form of membership. That is, whilst you can create and share your own designs, you cannot print them, you cannot view your creations in full-screen size, you can't access the full range of designs and more. Plus, you'll have to put up with adverts as well. It's obviously worth playing around with the site first, but you might consider upgrading to a paid membership. With this, you get access to over 1000 premium designs, share your creations full-screen without adverts, print your creations at home or at a store, choose from over 2000 songs or add your own music, burn designs to DVD and get unlimited storage. One advantage of the app is that it allows you to work online or offline. So, if you don't have an internet connection you can still create.

The design software is easy to use and you can do lots of fun things with your uploaded images, that is, if you upgrade. You're quite limited with the free membership, which pretty much acts as a way to get you on the hook. For all that you can do with a full membership, I have to give a resounding thumbs-up to Smilebox.com as the range of customizable features and new designs ensures that you won't run out of ideas. Furthermore, if you were to do the same yourself, it would cost far more to purchase all the supplies needed to create really great-looking greeting cards, invitations, scrapbooks, slideshows, and more. It's also a lot quicker. It's easy to organize, manage and create new designs with the clear tabbed menu system. You'll find plenty of themed card designs, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday and many more, all of which you can personalize by adding your own text, photos, etc.

There's plenty of information on how to use the Smilebox.com software on the website, including a knowledge base. In case of any problems or queries, Smilebox.com also has a very good customer support page, with FAQs, helpful tips and email support. 

For a very reasonable price, Smilebox.com gives you the power to really let loose your creative powers and to create unique, personalized designs that will undoubtedly impress.

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