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Send Out Cards Review

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Sendoutcards.com is an extensive greeting card site where you can design, personalize and send cards, as well as setting up your own Sendoutcards.com distribution network to make additional income.

At first glance, Sendoutcards.com appears a little more involved than other greeting cards sites. This is because it's a network marketing company rather than a straightforward greeting card site. It's therefore possible (in addition to purchasing cards) to buy into the program and operate your own greeting card site. This is what makes Sendoutcards.com a little more confusing to navigate.

I must say that I could do without all of the (ostensibly) high-minded maxims on the site; e.g. "The power of a card is fueled by the power in you to act on a prompting". If anyone could break this down for me into simpler terms then I'd be grateful. Sounds powerful though, doesn't it. For those of you who are merely fueled by the need to purchase a greeting card for Uncle Will or Aunt Mary, what do you get? Well, there's a splendid range of printed cards on the site, covering a whole range of occasions (e.g. holidays, birthdays) and themes (e.g. expressions, keeping in touch).  Tabbed browsing is useful to get a good idea of the range of cards available on the site. Unfortunately there's no search engine on the site to allow you to specify exactly what you're looking for and yield those products that most closely match your search terms.

Once you've found the printed card you want, clicking on it will bring up a larger image for you to inspect. If you're happy then you can opt for one of a number of card designs (postcard, 2-panel card, 3-panel card and big card). Unfortunately, as a new user, it gets slightly confusing from here. In order to use the site you have to register and choose between the wholesale premium membership package or the retail membership package. The wholesale premium package is the most economical if you send a lot of cards. WIth this membership you receive Picture Plus 2.0 (the software with which you can create unique card designs) and Contact Manager (the software with which you add and manage your contacts). In addition, you get 200 points (points are purchased and used as credit for greeting card purchases). As a wholesale package member points will cost around $0.31 to purchase; the number of points it costs to personalize and buy a card will of course depend upon the card selected. 

You can send cards to a single recipient or multiple recipients and schedule the date to be mailed. Whilst the range and quality of cards is good that is, more or less comparable with the average card you might buy on the high street), the biggest problem with the site is its convoluted set-up and lack of clear explanation. It's a pity that Sendoutcards.com is not a lot more forthcoming on its website; the lack of a clear pricing structure and scant information on costs is a real annoyance. As a wholesale member there's a large initial outlay for membership, although you could purchase the entrepreneur package, which promises to help you make additional income from the site. This is beyond the remit of this review; suffice to say that you should refer to the website before you decide to try and make money from the site. How exactly you do that is not clearly explained. You'll find plenty of videos on how to use the softward on the website, as well as a large FAQs section. You can also contact the site in a number of ways; by email, phone/fax, mail or in person at their Salt Lake City Office.

Confused? You will be. Steer clear if you just want to purchase the odd card. However, if you buy cards in bulk or wish to make an income by distributing greeting cards then Sendoutcards.com may have just what you're looking for.

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