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Creating Cards Your Way
14 December 2017
Reviewer: Frank Marshman from Virginia

43 of 85 people found this review helpful

SendOutCards is such a fun way to send cards. There are thousands and thousands of cards to choose from but the best part is becoming your own Picasso and creating a card from scratch where you can can your own pictures, as many as you want, your own word and your own signature. But the best part is you don't have to touch the card. They print, fold stuff, stamp and mail it for you the very next day.
With the new app a card can be created immediately and sent right from your phone. So if you are on vacation and want to send a card or perhaps you are a Realtor and want to send a card to a client about a new home, take a picture, create a card and send it right from your phone at that very moment. No one else can do that!

Oh yes, the cost per card is from $1.17-$2.00 depending on the quantity. Yes, it is a network marketing company but 80% of the users are customers with 70% of them businesses who want to grow and enhance their customer relationships.

In summary, I would recommend Send Out Cards to a friend.

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Got Me Caught Up on Correspondence
06 July 2017
Reviewer: Proshop from Indiana

48 of 96 people found this review helpful

SendOutCards allows the user to send a single card, a single gift, or hundreds at a time. There are cards already in the system to choose or a user can make one from scratch with their own photos and handwriting. Cards are created on a smart phone app or computer, then the user adds address and the system shows the cost to send it anywhere in the world. A few clicks and the card is sent; cards are stuffed, stamped, and mailed daily without the buyer ever touching the item. I used to buy boxes of cards and stickers to make fun cards, but I often got sidetracked and never even made the cards, much less sent them. I now have sent all my Christmas cards, birthday, get well, graduation, wedding, sympathy cards, and just a card to say I'm thinking of someone.

Last week I sent cards from my phone while I had a long wait at a doctor's office. The cards, including postage, cost me $1.66. I also have three friends in other countries; when I write to them the postage for those cards is automatically calculated and deducted from my SendOutCards... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Send Out Cards to a friend.

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Used send out cards for a wedding
29 November 2014
Reviewer: Maureen from San Diego

129 of 247 people found this review helpful

My main complaint is that I used send out cards for a wedding and unbeknownst to me, until later, I realized that several guests did not get their invitation. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is when you don't receive a response and you think its just insensitivity on the part of the person receiving the invitation only to realized THEY NEVER RECEIVED IT. And I went back to check if I had erred and I hadn't, so this is on send out cards. I wouldn't have known had it not been for two of the guests being close friends who said, 'by the way, when are the invitations going out?'. They had been sent out over a month prior to that comment, they never arrived. DO USE SEND OUT CARDS!!!!!!

In summary, I would not recommend Send Out Cards to a friend.

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A real look at sendoutcards
26 April 2014
Reviewer: Jan Savage from Lake Forest, CA

139 of 259 people found this review helpful

Send Out Cards user image
The long, lengthy review of SendOutCards by the Editor is VERY OUTDATED. This site has been going through many upgrades over the past years, and the review is quite OLD. SendOutCards is the easiest, fastest system for sending greeting cards on the planet. THERE IS NO CHARGE to use the service (be a customer) and prices range from $0.62 a card to as HIGH as $1.50 if you include pictures or graphics. A true bargain in anyone's book. You can change the words in any card and add pictures or your own graphics also. This service also allows you to send a gift (or many gifts) from a GREAT collection of things from flowers to cookies to gift cards from many common restaurants, businesses, etc. for just about any occasion. The 'mission' of the company is to make it easy to say those things you should be saying to your friends, business associates, and make money in the process if you are so inclined. SendOutCards is revolutionizing the entire greeting card industry. It will be THE WAY you send cards in the very near future.

I suggest you take another look and re-write your review.

They even have a FREE trial, to... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Send Out Cards to a friend.

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