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Giftcards.com is a great way of sending an original, personalised gift to someone special. It should be noted that the site does not specialise in greeting cards, so if it's just a card you're looking for then you'd be better off elsewhere. However, if you're looking for a unique way of giving a monetary gift then this is the place.

The Giftcards.com gift card looks like a credit card, except that the amount that can be spent is limited to that which has been prepaid by the purchaser. It can be used anywhere that accepts Visa Debit as payment. It's also possible to purchase a giftcard that can be used at ATMs (restricted to those which display the Cirrus or Interlink logo). Whilst giftcards are widely accepted, there are a few conditions so please refer to the FAQ section of the site for more details before you purchase one.

Creating a giftcard is done in three easy steps. You begin by selecting the type of giftcard you want (Visa Debit or Mastercard) and uploading the photo you want to appear on the card. Bear in mind that the dimensions of the image needs to exceed 640x480 pixels otherwise the photo will not upload. You can then edit and preview the image. Helpfully, when creating a card you also receive plenty of helpful prompts to guide you through the process. What you end up with is a unique giftcard personalised with a photo-design of your choice at a cost of between $20.00-$500. You can also send a standard greeting card or custom card with the giftcard, but be aware that there's a small surcharge (see costs above). You can also submit your own designs for which you will get paid if they are accepted (see the PicPaid scheme on the site for details).

If you don't want to design your own giftcard, you can choose from around 200 predesigned cards covering a wide range of events and occasions. It also costs a couple of dollars less than creating your own. All giftcards can be sent to multiple recipients if desired.

An alternative to the giftcard is the virtual gift. This works in more or less the same way as the giftcard, except that the recipient doesn't receive a plastic giftcard. Instead, they receive an email notification of the gift often after 24 hours. This makes it a good option if you need to send a gift quickly. Furthermore, it's important to remember that virtual gifts can only be spent online and by phone (where Visa Debit is accepted), which makes it suitable for those who shop online or by mail order. Remember also that there's a fee applicable (see costs above) and that you can't use it as you would a normal card (e.g. at the mall). As a result, it's a less flexible option.

Another option is the group gift. Again, this is a little more involved, requiring you to create an account to which you and others can contribute. It's probably only going to be useful if collecting contributions from others is a difficulty (e.g. due to distance), although it's still possible to mail a check or carry out an online transfer. There is also the additional fee to take into consideration.

You can also purchase discounted merchant cards for use at a variety of outlets (e.g. Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Regal Cinemas). So, it's worth browsing the range of discount cards available as you could make substantial savings. At the time of this review merchant discount cards were available at up to $20.00 cheaper than the value on the card, with no additional fees.

Giftcards.com offers a great way of giving a monetary gift to someone special, whilst you could also make substantial savings through their merchant discount cards.

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