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JibJab Review

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JibJab.com is a fun ecard site featuring fun ecards, animations and images to which you can add your uploaded photos and send to your family and friends. You'll find loads of original, high quality animated content available on the site. moreover, it's incredibly easy and fast to customize your own.

It's up to you whether you opt for a free account (you'll have to sign up in order to access the site) or a paid membership. The difference between a JibJab.com account and a paid membership is that, with the latter, you get access to exclusive ecards and videos, make unlimited 'starring you' movies and send unlimited ecards. If you get a lot out of the site as a free member it may be worth considering signing up, as the modest annual fee entitles you to unlimited access to 500 fun animations and 1000 ecards. In addition, you also get telephone support rather than having to rely just on email if you have any problems.   

There are 3 main categories of ecard available on the site; 'celebrate' (birthday, anniversary, wedding/engagement, graduation), 'just to say' (cheer up, congratulations, get well, etc.) and holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). There's a variety of cards to choose from. It's possible to upload a photo (from your computer or Facebook album) and transpose the photo onto the animated ecard for a unique and very funny ecard. It's really easy to do and doesn't take more than a couple of minutes. You can also preview your card to make sure it looks just how you want it to. Once you've uploaded a portrait it's saved, which enables you to simply click and drag your saved heads to whichever ecard you want to send. All that's left is to add a message to your card and then send it.

With reference to videos on the site, there are around 20 'starring you' animations (including dances, movies, etc.) that you can preview as a visitor. If you want to customize one by uploading your own photos then you'll have to sign up as a paid member. In addition to the videos you'll find static images (movie scenes, sports, etc.) where you can add your uploaded portrait photos. Star Wars is an especially popular theme. You can then share your customized creations via email and distribute them on Facebook.

What's very annoying and underhand about the site is that there's no clear guide to what you get as a paid member and as a free member. Invariably, you're able to create great-looking animated ecards, but before you can send them you are informed that you'll have to pay for a membership. It's not that we're complaining about the cost; annual membership is a minimal amount and why should you expect to get anything for free. The problem is simply that you are strung along for a while and then told you have to pay. In fact, it's difficult to find anything available to non-paid members. If you come across any freebies then do let us know.

If you have any problems or questions, there's a useful FAQs section on the site that should help to resolve most common queries, particularly those concerned with technical issues such as uploading pictures, creating videos and issues to do with your account (if you've signed up for one). If not, there's an email form you can complete and send. meanwhile, if you have a paid membership you also get access to telephone support.

Guaranteed to make you laugh and smile, JibJab.com will brighten your day. For a modest annual fee, you can share the fun around to your heart's content.

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