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Category: US Online Greeting Card Websites (AKA US Online eCard Sites)
Website: http://www.americangreetings.com

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American Greetings Review

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We have awarded American Greetings our prestigious Gold Award in this category, having reviewed 20 US Online Greeting Card Websites. Read our review below to find out why...

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AmericanGreetings.com is our number one greeting card site choice in this category. You'll find a well-appointed, clearly organised site that's crammed with greeting cards covering all manner of themes and occasions. You can find cards to email, mail, post to Facebook or send to a mobile phone.

You'll find personalizable greeting cards here to cover every occasion as well as everyday cards to send just because you want to. The homepage is logically and clearly set out, enabling you to access the product(s) you want with the minimum of hassle. There are 5 main product categories; ecards, personalized paper cards, card aisle, print at home and mobile apps and more. If you want to narrow your browsing, there's a great search engine whereby you can search through ecards and printables by occasion, recipient and style. 

The ecard library is broken down into several occasions and themes (e.g. birthday, love and dating and thank you). Here you'll find hundreds of great quality ecards to browse, most with animation and sound. You simply won't find a better selection of ecards on the web. On other sites it can be a little frustrating when you want a card, e.g., to send an uncle or an aunt on their birthday, as you tend to be limited to general birthday greeting ecards. But here you'll find a great range of high quality printed cards for all your relatives, giving your card a more personal touch that is really appreciated by the recipient.

As well as having a great range of cards, it's also a really convenient and fast ecard site. All you need to do is choose your card, click 'quick send' add your own personal message and then email, post to Facebook or send to a mobile phone. It's really that easy to send great quality ecards. You can preview all of the cards on the site, and it's a good idea to do so just to get some idea of what's available. However, to send cards you need to register first, which takes just a couple of minutes.

  It's simply the best of both worlds, offering you quality cards that you'd find on the high street, plus that personal touch, which you can't get at the store.  

In addition to the ecard library, you'll also find a wide selection of hundreds of personalized paper cards. Again, pretty much every occasion and theme is covered, with high quality prints that you can personalize and which are mailed for you, including contemporary, humorous and traditional designs to suit all tastes. Simply pick your greeting card from the extensive range on offer, personalize and arrange for mailing.

It's great to receive a card from a household name like American Greetings which has been personalized to make it unique; anybody would love such a gesture, and it's all right here, no need to lick a stamp nor go to the post office either. It's simply the best of both worlds, offering you quality cards that you'd find on the high street, plus that personal touch, which you can't get at the store. It's also possible to browse cards available in stores, and there's a store finder to locate a store near to you.

In addition to purchasing single cards for special occasions, AmericanGreetings.com also allows you to stock up on (non-personalizable) card assortments, limited edition cards and stationery sets that are delivered to your door. Each card assortment is themed (e.g. birthday, funny, everyday). The value card assortment is a real bargain; 30 quality assorted cards, envelopes and 5 postage stamps in a keepsake storage box for just $19.99. The themed assortments are also great value, offering a selection of their best selling cards for $39.99 (including envelopes, 5 stamps and keepsake storage box).

The limited edition cards range gives you a unique collection of novelty greetings, though don't expect a great deal of choice (at the time of this review there were 16 to choose from). They tend to be shaped, humorous themed cards, including several cards with googly eyes (crazy-eyed fun ahoy). Some also have sound chips and movement to raise your amusement levels even further. However, these cards can't be personalized in the same way as the standard paper card range, but the price does include mailing. It's possible to browse cards by occasion, tone and features (e.g. sound, movement). Whilst they are a lot more expensive than your average card, you won't find anything else like them on other sites.

If you want something a little more economical, as well as being quick and easy, AmericanGreetings.com also offers a range of 'printables'; cards that you can print at home. As a member you get unlimited access to printables. You'll find hundreds to choose from, again covering all occasions and themes and some to which you can add your own uploaded images. Don't expect the quality of the designs to be quite that of the paper cards. Similarly, the quality of the printed card will depend upon your printer set-up and the paper used. As a member, you also get access to unlimited ecards, which works out very reasonable indeed. However, remember that paper cards and limited edition cards are not included in your membership fee.

If you have any queries, there's a great Help Center resource on the site with a detailed FAQs section to help resolve the most common questions and problems. If this doesn't help, there's also a toll-free helpline and email support available.

AmericanGreetings.com is the standout winner in this category. No other site quite matches this one in terms of the range of cards, designs and the quality of its printed products for the price. If you need a greeting card just stop by Americangreetings.com and you won't be disappointed, whether you want to email or share an ecard on Facebook, personalize and mail paper cards from your computer, print your own cards, get the latest limited edition cards or pick up a card assortment. Americangreetings.com is hard to beat.

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