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From a quick glance at the website, you quickly form the impression that iPrint.com is more about functionality than style. It's a fairly no-nonsence layout, without the glitter and style of a lot of other sites in this category. It has a definite unexciting, corporate feel, like wandering round a massive stationery warehouse. But we should peek a little further before reeling at its grey tinged approach to the world of cards and printed merchandise.

Looking in more detail, it's apparent that this is a site more dedicated to practical printed stationery rather than the glitzy frivolity of fun occasions. For a start, you won't find any greeting cards here on the site. The range of products they do sell includes business cards, envelopes, headed paper, post-it notes, postcards, sticky labels and rubber stamps. That said, you might still find them very useful to complement a party or special occasion. You can browse these by clicking on the set of tabs on the site's homepage,. Or, if you have something specific in mind, there's a basic search engine on the site into which you can enter a number of key words. One of the good things about the site is that it is very clearly and logically set out; by clicking on a product range on the homepage (e.g. business cards) you can then refine your browsing options (e.g. selecting between 1-2 color business cards or full-color). Pricing is also very clearly stated. For each different product the price is displayed below it. Hovering over a thumbnail of the product also brings up more information and a magnified image so you can see it more clearly. If it's what you want, you can then click on a button to personalize your product.

Despite the range of printed products on the site being fairly limited, you'll find a tremendous range within each product and many ways in which to personalize your product. Once you've found the product you want, clicking on the thumbnail brings up an even larger image and the product specifications. You're also presented with a list of related products that complement your chosen item. One of the nicest things about the site is that pricing is upfront, whereas on some of the more glamorous sites in this category the pricing structure is hidden and only revealed after you have personalized your product. So, for every product you get a clear price based upon the quantity you want to purchase. It pays to buy in bulk; in addition to buying lower volumes being more expensive, there just isn't the option to choose less than, say, 25 of a particular product. If you do buy in bulk then you could save a lot; in fact, the prices of many of the products here are considerably cheaper than on the more mainstream greeting card sites. So, if you're looking for customized business cards or postcards it makes sense to check out the prices here for comparison. That said, the range of designs and options for personalizing isn't quite as good as on some of the more expensive sites, so it may be a case that you get what you pay for...to an extent. At any rate, it's definitely worth having a look here before you potentially go spending a lot more money elsewhere. Plus, if you sign up for an account (you don't have to) you might also get an extra discount applied to your order.

The site support is very good in case you have any problems or queries. iPrint.com are keen to guarantee your 100% satisfaction with their products and service. If you do have any questions or problems then there's a range of options to choose from, including online chat support, phone/fax support and email. So, whatever time of the day or night, there will always be a way of getting in touch. You can also check the status of your order online.

iPrint.com is a departure from the other greeting card sites in this category. It may be a little plainer and the lack of greeting cards makes it a no-no for most browsers but you'll find a range of personalizable printed products at great prices to complement your event, so make sure you check it out.

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