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Please note that Cards Remembered has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Cards Remembered below, or check out the rest of the US Online Greeting Card Websites we've reviewed.

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Cards Remembered Review

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Whilst it may lack the polish of other sites, Cardsremembered.com is an easy and convenient way of organizing all your greeting cards needs on a single site.

Cardsremembered.com promise to make buying cards online as simple as 'pick, personalize and postmark'. So what's on offer here? What you'll find is a range of cards arranged under 4 main categories (holidays, birthdays, thinking of you, anniversary and special occasions). Within each of these categories you'll find 100+ cards. However, when you consider that a particular category will contain several subcategories (e.g. the holidays category contains cards for Fathers' Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and many more) the choice is fairly limited. Card designs tend to be more traditional rather than contemporary and many designs look a little old-fashioned. If you're looking for something a little snazzy, you might struggle to find it here. However, the print quality is very good, much the same as if you were to go out and buy a card at the store.

Cardsremembered.com promises a range of attractive benefits. First of all, they claim that their cards are cheaper than those you'll find in malls, drug stores and grocery stores. You also save time and avoid the (arduous) process of inserting your card into an envelope, attaching a stamp and writing the recipient's name and address (by which time you'll probably need a lie-down). It's also convenient and will endear you to your friends and family...because you care. With reference to cost, to purchase and mail a single card will cost $3.49. If you're one of those people who keep saying that you never have enough hours in the day, getting it all done in one fell swoop is an attractive option (though the time spent browsing on the site is glossed over).

If you're really sold on this idea, you will need to take out a membership plan, whereby you get to send a preordained number of cards in return for your membership fee. The higher the package, the cheaper it costs per card. If you just wanted to send the odd card then it's probably cheaper to go to the mall. If you do decide to sign up, it takes just a few minutes to register your details. There are a number of membership plans to choose from (see 'costs' above), however, just don't be tempted to take out a plan if you don't send many cards, despite the unit price per card mailed being less as this is a false economy. Also remember that you can't mail cards outside the USA. One advantage to using the site to manage all of your card-sending is that you can set up an address book and calendar with important events so that you don't forget a birthday or anniversary again. You can also schedule a card to be sent up to a year in advance. However, it's not possible to purchase a card for next-day delivery. Cards are mailed 5 days before the delivery date specified to ensure that they don't reach the recipient late.

In the event that you have any problems when using the site, or if you have a question, there's a number of options. It's best to start with the quick answers section of the site (accessible from the homepage). If this doesn't resolve the issue, you can call a customer service representative (unfortunately, office hours are not given so calling may be a little hit and miss) or email anytime.

Cardsremembered.com offers a great service for those who don't have time to lick a stamp. A range of reasonably priced membership plans, but the costs and ease of sending cards is counterbalanced by the small range of cards available.

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Please note that Cards Remembered has now been discontinued.

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