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Please note that GreetingCards.com has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of GreetingCards.com below, or check out the rest of the US Online Greeting Card Websites we've reviewed.

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GreetingCards.com Review

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Greetingcards.com is a cheap and cheerful looking site and doesn't exactly wow you when you see it. Its reason for being is to provide you with free ecards, though you can also sign up to access their premium ecard selection. So, how do they measure up?

What you get from the site primarily is a wide selection of free animated and postcard-style ecards. Therefore, if you're looking for printed cards, whilst you will find a modest selection (you need to have Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer installed), what's on offer is poor. Instead, why not try one of the other sites in this category such as Americangreetings.com. From the homepage you can access a long list of card categories (including 'birthdays', 'holidays' and 'support and comfort'). Nested within each category are sub-categories of the theme, e.g. within the category 'birthday' you'll find belated, family and milestone age ecards. Sadly, as you narrow your focus you realise the limitations of what's available; expect to find around a dozen or less ecards in all but the most general sub-categories. If you're not at all choosy then you should find a suitable ecard. The fact that you're considering an ecard probably also suggests that you don't want to go to too much effort either, and your efforts will be suitably rewarded with something cheesy and uninspiring. The Valentine's card used as an example on the site is exceedingly cheap and tacky. Send this to your sweetheart and you might want to start browsing NumberOneReviews.com's dating web site reviews as you'll most likely be single very shortly.

It's possible to select 3 types of ecard to send; animated cards are simple animations, whilst flash animated cards have advanced features and more slick animation. Meanwhile, postcards are static images with no animation. Whilst it may sound obvious, because most ecards feature animated and audio content, your computer and that of the recipient need to be configured to view or listen to this content. So, a MIDI player plugin is necessary, as is the Java (Sun) and Flash (Adobe) plugins. There's a guide to installing these on the FAQs section of the site. A small number of cards are for premium members of the site only. If you do join the site then it's possible to customise the animation and audio on some cards. We're not convinced that it's worth signing up as a premium member, as there are plenty of other great free ecard sites around. If you do decide to go ahead, for a minimal annual outlay of $10.00 you get to send unlimited ecards, customise animation and audio, create an address book and more.

Once you've created a card, it will usually be sent between 7am-9.00am EST on the delivery date you have specified. However, very heavy traffic may cause a slight delay. You'll find a troubleshooting guide on the site in the unlikely event that an ecard does not reach its destination. You can send the ecard straight away or specify a date up of to about a month ahead.

As mentioned, the printed cards are nothing to write home about either. You get a selection of around 100 unexciting stock images to which you add your own text. Whilst you can personalize your card it may not be worth investing your time. Many would say that the end result looks cheap and tacky no matter how much time you spend on it; plus, the only option is to print the cards yourself. You might also consider purchasing discounted flowers (if so then you'll find links to a flower site).

In case you have any questions or problems in using the site, you can access the site's FAQs page. If this doesn't resolve your query, you can contact the company by fax, or submit an email help form, which is the swiftest way to receive assistance. There is no phone number to call if you have a problem, nor is there live help online, unlike some other sites in this category.

Greetingcards.com may be mostly free, but the limited and unexciting selection of cards is unlikely to satisfy anyone with more refined tastes. So why not take a look at some other sites in this category to see if they have a selection of greeting cards which is more suitable for discerning recipients.

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Please note that GreetingCards.com has now been discontinued.

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