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Please note that Voice Your Feelings has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Voice Your Feelings below, or check out the rest of the US Online Greeting Card Websites we've reviewed.

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Voice Your Feelings Review

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Create unique eye and ear-catching cards with Voiceyourfeelings.com. Voiceyourfeelings.com is a niche greeting card site in which you can record your own spoken message, add sound effects or a celebrity message (if desired) and select a card design to which your message is attached by inserting a sound chip. It doesn't matter if you don't have a microphone attached to your computer, as you can record your message via your phone. Once this is done, you can spice up your message by adding sound effects (e.g. laughter, cheering, applause) and celebrity sound bites (e.g. Barack Obama, Mike O'Meara, Buzz Burbank). There are around 50 or so effects to choose from. Finally, you select and personalize your card. There are around a dozen designs available, the majority of which are birthday cards. The card itself takes backstage to the novelty of the recorded message, which is presumably why so few cards are available. It's also possible to pay for a more bespoke service if you want something truly personal; costs will differ depending on what you require, in which case you should email the company for more details. 

It's possible to upload your own MP3 files to attach to cards, or record your own message (however, be aware that unless you specify otherwise, any files you upload will be able to be used by others). It's best if you have your own microphone, as the process is slightly more longwinded if you record your message using the telephone recording facility. There's also the added annoyance that sometimes the telephone recording facility is offline; if you don't have your own microphone then you can't create a voice card. Whilst creating a card this way isn't too challenging, many will get frustrated with such annoyances. You are also limited to 15 seconds of recording time. Whilst this doesn't sound like much, you can cram a lot in that time, plus you can add sound effects should you run out of nice things to say about the recipient.

The life-time of the card is very good. The batteries powering the audio chip in the card should be enough to play your message around 400 times. So, rest assured that your card shouldn't fall silent after a couple of plays (though some might be grateful for this). If it does, simply contact the company and they will rectify the problem.The cards themselves are fine and resemble the size and print quality of a card you would buy on the high street. It's just that there isn't much choice.

Your card should be despatched within 24 hours of receipt of your order. Whilst $9.53 for a card is quite steep, what you get is a unique, custom made card that the recipient will appreciate. You can also add a text message to the card. In case of problems (particularly technical hitches) there's a fairly cursory and not too helpful FAQs section that you can access from the bottom of the homepage. Whilst this might resolve your query, you may need to contact the company directly. You can do this by emailing the site, phoning (the company is registered in the UK so calls may be expensive) or by postal mail. Unfortunately, company office hours are not listed on the site, so it may be a matter of guesswork in judging the best time to call (best to call between 9.00am and 5.00pm GMT).

If you're looking for something novel and unique, Voiceyourfeelings.com offers a refreshing alternative to other greeting card sites. However, there isn't too much else here to choose from so you probably won't keep coming back regularly.

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Please note that Voice Your Feelings has now been discontinued.

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